Why Do Pahar

Shazia Shrivastava

Do Pahar was written because of Shirin, my maternal grandmother. She is an immensely creative woman but unfortunately, she comes from a time and place where the artist in her was never encouraged. She has experienced her fair share of adversity but what's interesting to me is how she deals with it. Nothing ever fazes her. Be it pleasure, or pain. Or at least it seems like it on the surface, we'll never really know. But it almost seems like she has created her own imaginary world that is her truth. Good or bad, I don't know but her mind is a treasure chest of stories.

How would my grandmother react if a hit man knocked on her door? She would probably be fascinated. Or plain rude for interrupting her. But she would never be fearful. Sudha, our protagonist, has the spunk, honesty and fearlessness of Shirin.

Sharifa Roy

Shazia constantly comes up with story concepts that are unusual and challenging. I, too, love people who come out of ordinary existences and show glimpses of extraordinary character traits in times of adversity. My mother, Shirin has been my most favourite persona to watch and is a Pandora's Box for character ideas and traits. While writing Do Pahar, my mother never left my mind even for an instance.

The character of Sudha is her and the life Sudha lives is a reflection of Shirin's. When I narrated the story to Neeraj, our Director of Photography, he was aghast at how we could talk so openly about Shirin without feeling pain. Well that was it. Shirin stopped being my mother and transformed into Sudha.